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Nothing can beat Australia when it comes to its magnificent landscapes. From being home to unusual and quirkiest wildlife and revered tales of some indigenous tribes, Australia comes with a complete package for tourism. The coral reefs, rain forests, stunning beaches, and scorching deserts and much more make Australia an epic tourist destination. You can enjoy, relax and spend an amazing vacation with your family and friends in this country.

Want to spend vacation in australia?

If you want to visit Australia to meet family or friends or for spending a holiday you must have the Australian Tourist Visa. This visa is generally used by visiting individuals, families, entrepreneurs for short travel or tourism purpose.

Documents required for tourist visa in australia

The applicants must have the following documents in hand while applying for a tourist visa

Proof of sufficient funds to cover the trip costs.

Shall have no criminal records.

Comply with all the health standards and submit the required medical documents, if necessary.

Valid Identity Proofs with recent passport size photographs.

Valid Passport.

Trip Itinerary

Bank Statements for the last 6 months.

Must comply with other Australian laws.

How eagle migration can assist you?

Assessing the visa type

Preparing the documentation.

Scrutinize the documentation to avoid any trouble.


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