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The department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) is authorized to accept or refuse a visa application. The DIBP accepts or rejects the application on their discretion so it is not that they always make the correct decision. If in case your Visa Application gets rejected, you may appeal to the Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) challenging the DIBP discretion and requesting to accept the visa application. The Migration Review Tribunal (MRT) and the Refugee Review Tribunal (RRT) got merged with the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) on 1st July 2015 and now AAT is a single authorized body handling all the migration appeals.

Reasons why visa applications are
refused and rejected

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Insufficient evidence may cause refusal or cancellation of visa applications.

Complex legal situations against the applicant

The applicant does not meet financial or health standards.

The claims made by the applicants were not believed.

Other relevant factors.

how to lodge appeal before aat?

The applicant receives a notice of cancellation or refusal of application with an indication of whether such a decision is reviewable or not. The applicant can only appeal to AAT if such a decision is reviewable and he can do so within 28 days from the date decision was made. The AAT after perusal can either affirm the decision of DIBP or remit the matter to DIBP for reconsideration. It may also set aside the appeal if it may deem fit.

how eagle migration can help?

Making a formal appeal in AAT can be a time-consuming process. After analyzing the scenarios if it is unequivocal that it would be better to apply again rather than appealing to AAT, then the former course should always be taken. It is important to seek expert advice instead of involving yourself in unnecessary troubles. Eagle Migration can help you by edifying the merits and demerits of your proposed appeal, preparing submissions in supports of your application, and also provide alternatives to the appeal, if any.

Please contact us for any advice before you make a plan for lodging appeal.

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