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Information Technology is one of the largest and fastest-growing industries globally. As more companies move to the cloud and taking the business to the digital platform and 5G is rolling out, the IT industry is booming consistently. There are wide career opportunities available for the students as the need for IT professionals is increasing rapidly. From individual buying devices, to businesses operating online and continual software developments to the emergence of artificial intelligence (AI), the opportunities can be seen everywhere. For those technical minds, IT is a logical career choice. Prominent Education Institutions in Australia provide courses in IT ranging from short certificates to a post-graduate degree. Bachelor in various IT courses including Computer Sciences, Software Engineering, Computer Forensics, Data Sciences, and other full-time courses provide you a great foundation for whatever career you pursue.


For Bachelor’s Degree- 3 to 5 years

For Post Graduate or Ph.D. - 2 years

Top specialization offered

Computer Science

Computer Forensics

Software Engineering etc


Software Developers

Information Technology Consultant

Computer Forensic Analyst

Business Analyst

Computer Network Architect