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Family Sponsored Visa

Australia understands how important family is and committed to family reunification and so do we. Eagle Migration wants to help you reunite with your family members through Australia Family Visa.

As a part of Australia’s immigration programs, the Australian Immigration Department offers chances to its citizens and PR to reunite with their partners, parents, children, and other family members. This visa is sponsored by an Australian citizen, PR of Australia, or eligible New Zealand citizen.

Parent Visa

The visa is generally applied by the parents who have eligible child/ children as a citizen or PR in Australia, or eligible New Zealand citizen. This visa is mandatorily sponsored by children legally settled in Australia.
The Parent visa has two categories, one for working and another foraged. The applicants might take up employment or work in Australia.

Child Visa

Alike parent visa, the dependent child/children can be granted Australian Child Visa whose either parent is a lawful permanent resident or citizen of Australia. In case the child is already staying in Australia for a temporary basis, he/she could immigrate as a permanent resident by applying for a suitable visa.

other family members

Other family members include
the following:


Dependent relatives

Carers; etc

what you can do if family visa is granted

Apply for permanent Migrant Visa

Study in Australia

Work in Australia

Travel in and out Australia for a certain period

Live and reside in Australia without any restrictions.